Ladies, tired of the 9 to 5 grind?

Here’s how to create your own income as an appointment setter in 2023 &
work online from wherever you want.

I replaced my full-time income in my first month, and now in month 2 I’ve doubled! So thankful for Daphne and the team!

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Iris K.
Setter Academy Graduate


Stuck in the 9 to 5 ratrace not earning nearly as much as you'd like?

We know how draining it is to go through a job when you're unfulfilled and not getting paid enough. You put in the hours, the energy and your life into work that never gets properly recognised and rewarded. You are simply expected to clock in the hours and repeat the same performance day after day. Slowly but surely, it sucks the soul out of you. You dread to think, "Is this all that my life has become?".

Thankfully, there's a better way.

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With Setter Academy, you get your life back (while making a solid living).

Imagine being able to work from anywhere in the world at a schedule that you've crafted, and getting paid for your performance, not your time (finally!). All this while making a solid income every month. That is what appointment setting is about.

With Setter Academy, we take you from A-Z. Everything from learning the craft, giving you tips on how to land your own client/getting placed with a company and getting your first dollars in the bank.

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Here is what you get when you join the Setter Academy Program


Comprehensive Training Program


1-1 Coaching Calls With Experts


Community With Women Only


Potential Job Opportunities


Setter Academy™


Control your own income!


Get Paid For Value, Not Time


Plan Your Own Daily Schedule


True Location-Freedom

I’m now in charge of my own agenda, I’m experiencing location freedom, and I’m able to make money from my phone. Heaven!

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Sarah B.
Setter Academy Graduate


Our 7-Step System

Your roadmap to creating a solid monthly income with Appointment Setting, without having your own business and working online.

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Book your (15 minute) Discovery Call with Us!

Want to know everything about appointment setting and want to discuss if this is the best step for you? Book in your free 15-minute Discovery Call! Receive a short introduction of Setter Academy, get your questions answered, and help us learn more about you. Let’s meet!

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If it’s a MATCH, then let’s get STARTED right away

If we’re a match on our discovery call together, we will book you in with Jessica, our right-hand lady. She will show you around our training program and tell you all the ins and outs of becoming an appointment setter.

This call will approx. take 30-40 minutes. In this call you can decide if you want to join our community or not.

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Learn all about Appointment Setting (Course + Video’s)

WELCOME - You now are a Setter Academy member!

Get access to our online course and online community. The online course contains video content and documents made by Daphne (Head Coach, CEO and founder).

Besides that, the community is the place where all the other women come together, with similar mindsets and goals. You will play roleplays together (practice conversation’s) to improve your skill in appointment setting.

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COACHING by experts

Need a coaching call? No problem, our Setter Academy Team has loads of experience.

You can schedule 1-1 calls with any of our team members to help you out. We strive to make you the best setter around and want you to always have the right mindset.

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Get your SAM (Setter Academy Member) Certificate 🥳

When you successfully complete the course you will be certified by our Head Coach Daphne. This means you are a certified appointment setter, ready to book in calls for successful business owners. Your certificate will also be sent to your home address!

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Start as a Setter with A Successful Business Coach

We will offer you all the tools and tips to get in touch with amazing, successful online business owners and schedule a meeting to see if this is the right working environment for you
as a setter.

When you and the business owner hit it off, you will start as a setter at his/her company. Keep in mind, we train and guide you how to work with very successful people to make sure you hit your income target 😉

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Make income as a certified Appointment Setter!

After working 1 month you can already send your first invoice as a setter. This will be your flat-fee (base fee) + your total made commissions. The entrepreneur/coach will pay you the full amount and on top they will pay taxes. This will not come off your salary.  

Now you’re getting started to reach Financial and Location Freedom.

Meet The Founder

Hi, I’m Daphne!

After being burned out I quitted my fulltime job in the legal corporate world about four years ago. I was sick of the daily rat race and was looking for an escape that could bring me financial and location freedom.

I wanted to be paid for my WORTH, not for my TIME.

In 2020 I came across an opportunity that changed my life. I started working as an appointment setter for a well known online coach. I booked lots of calls and in my first month, I made more in commissions than in my previous corporate job.

Finally I found it.

After this life changing experience I decided I wanted more people to know about this online, High Income Skill. So I founded my Women Only community and course Setter Academy.

And now we inspire more women all over the world to get out of the 9-5 rat-race and join our community.

Starting with huge successes in The Netherlands, we now help women all over the world to get started as Appointment Setters!

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What Our Members Are Saying


Setter Academy has been
life changing..

- Laura W.


A supportive community
with like-minded women.

- Esmée V.


In 2 weeks, I make more than I used to in my 9 to 5 job.

- Iris K.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Will this work with NO experience at all?

A.For sure! This is why Setter Academy was created. The program is designed to help you acquire all the right knowledge, develop the right skills, and gain experience in appointment setting simply by going through our program.

Q.Can I combine this with my current job?

A.Yes, you can combine your current job with Setter Academy! When you start working as an appointment setter, we would recommend you to start working less at your current job (or give up your 9-5 straight away). This will make you able to combine both jobs to start with. But it’s also possible to start directly as a fulltime setter and make more commissions straight away! Fulltime appointment setting will get you the best results.

Q.Can I work anywhere in the world?

A.Location freedom is guaranteed! You can work anywhere you want in the world, as long as you have a WiFi (or internet) connection and have a phone/laptop. Even if it is the coffee bar down the road, you will be able to do your work as an appointment setter from there.

Q.What is the income of an Appointment Setter?

A.So for example, you have booked 30 calls in your first month of starting out. Note: that’s a really bad number btw, it’s one booked call a day. But we will take this number so you can see what your income would be in a worse case scenario.

The show-up rate is 80% (24 calls actually happen, some people forgot the call) Close Rate: 50% (12 people start out the program after having the call) Price Point: $5k (av. price point of products in industry) Sales made: $60k (bad month) 5% Commission: $3k + flat fee of $1k = $4k, this is your worst case scenario, more than most people make a month.

If you book 60 calls: (normal booking number) The show-up rate is 80% (48 calls actually happen) Close Rate: 50% (24 people start out the program after having the call) Price Point: $5,000 (av. price point of products in industry) Sales made: $120 (normal month) 5% Commission: $6k + flat fee of $1k = $7k.

Q.What am I doing as an appointment setter?

A.Your role as an appointment setter is sending messages to all the prospects (potential leads) within a business owner’s social media account. Your ONLY job is to book sales calls by typing messages on your phone/laptop. You are solving a problem that business owners have (not enough time to answer) and that’s the reason appointment setters are popular.

Q.Do I need to be good at sales to be good at setting?

A.No, but if you like talking to people and help them solve their problems then you are heading in the right direction. As any skill sales is no different, is something learnable and not something you need to be born with.

Q.Will I have to get on calls as an appointment setter?

A.Absolutely not. You will manage the inbox of the influencer/business owner, so it's all text messages on social media.

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Start your Appointment Setting Journey NOW & Join our WOMEN ONLY community! I look forward to speaking to you soon!

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